Polychrome Mag. disrupts the traditional magazine narrative by creating a platform that highlights and showcases artist of color. It is a new project created by six friends: Micah Pegues, Celeste Scott, Kennedy Williams, Gabriela Yadegari, Brandon Douglas, and Theresa Tran. We are excited to bring this collaboration to you and the PoC creative community. This magazine is iconoclastic! The goal is to reshape the idea of how many people of color, especially creatives of color, are viewed by mainstream media and traditional audiences. Together, our team has built an online community that uplifts PoC and elevates their work. 

Polychrome's origins began on a weekly search for magazines at Barnes & Noble. Unable to find a magazine that catered to PoC's interests and passions, this dismay turned into creative inspiration to create a magazine completely dedicated to creating a safe space and place for PoC's work to be published.


Micah Pegues | Editor in Chief, Creative Director 

Micah is a creative from Dallas, TX currently studying film at New York University. When going on her weekly search for magazines at Barnes & Noble, she was unable to find a magazine that catered to her interests and passions. This dismay turned into creative inspiration to create a magazine completely dedicated to showcasing and highlighting people of color's creative work and accomplishments. 

Micah's foremost passions include watching movies and shooting portraits. She's not entirely sure what she wants to do when she's a fully fledged adult, but hopes Polychrome will grow into a magazine that affects the lives of artists everywhere. Micah would love to work in the magazine industry or as a documentary filmmaker. Potential conversations with her include: podcasts, La Haine, good pens, soufflés, and her monthly playlists on Spotify.  

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Celeste Scott | Deputy Editor 

Celeste is a film student, with an emphasis in Screenwriting based in the LA area. She currently writes a feature spread for the online publication, Local Wolves, in which she uncovers misconceptions surrounding race, culture, and creativity. She’s still trying to figure out exactly what she wants to do with her life, but one thing she knows for sure is she wants to always empower people through her work. In her not-so-spare time she enjoys listening to Drake, being a coffee-snob, and spending way too much time on Instagram.

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Kennedy Williams | Fashion Editor

Kennedy Williams is a creative based in Dallas, TX. After attending NYU for a year and a half, she's in the process of transferring to another university. Her academic interests surround the intersection of oppression and art. More specifically, Kennedy is interested in using fashion and music as lenses to analyze the varied experiences and interpretations of blackness in America. She is passionate about visceral journalism that celebrates intersectionality and black womanhood in all of its forms. Along with being the Fashion Editor at Polychrome, Kennedy is also the Executive Coordinator at HANNAH Magazine, an independent publication that seeks to pluralize the often singular representation of black women in print media.  

In her spare time, Kennedy can be found cooking, expanding her list of dream travel locations, and digging for fresh sounds on SoundCloud. 

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Brandon Douglas | Music Editor 

Brandon is a creative writing student from Dallas, TX currently studying at the University of Southern California. Apart from writing, Brandon’s wide spread interests span from graphic design and painting to music production and curation to even videography and acting. While being the Music Editor at Polychrome, Brandon also plays tuba in USC’s Trojan Marching Band, sings with the Saved By Grace gospel choir, and collaborates as an artists with local musicians. In his free time, Brandon enjoys writing poetry, producing music, hanging with friends and of course watching Netflix. Striving to become a well-rounded individual, Brandon continues to approach each task with open-mindedness, confidence, and peace, seeking to inspire others through his work.

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Gabriela Yadegari | Culture Editor 

Gabriela is an art activist who will be perusing higher education at Bennington College in Vermont.  Her work often addresses and seeks to resolve social issues through storytelling; spanning mediums such as film, theatre, printmaking, and painting.  She is also the founder of a zine for female, transgender, and non-binary artists called Avant Girl.  Her work has been shown or sold most recently at Sotheby's New York, Strand Bookstore, and The Angelika Theater.  Though passionate about creating art on a personal level, Gabriela's goal is to promote art within marginalized communities, such as those incarcerated, for it's potential as a tool for therapy and means of advocacy.  When she is not working on her art, Gabriela is thrift shopping, reading memoirs, working part time at an elementary school, or watching Gilmore Girls with her mother.

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Theresa Tran | Social Media Guru & Content Creator

Theresa is a soon-to-be college graduate from southern California. She resides on many corners of the internet, one being her own fashion/beauty/lifestyle YouTube channel. She’s still figuring “it” out — whatever “it” is. She hopes to create relatable, empowering content to share with others while also fostering an online community. In her spare time, you can find her checking her social media, taking aesthetic photos for said social media, and occasionally looking for cute coffee shops. She strives to live life with compassion and a positive outlook and hopes to inspire others along the way. 

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Illustrations by Christina Chung (instagram, website)